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Cosmetic Dentistry Esthetics aside, it's more towards restoring a better oral health

Like the old saying goes: Beauty fades before strength; being a long time firearm enthusiast, I finally applied that idea to my dentures a month back: It’s the bite that matters more than the shine.

When bleeding gums and an aching tooth finally started stealing away a good night’s sleep (not to mention halitosis) and started affecting my groupings in the shooting range, I made up my mind of meeting the dental practitioner to fix my white horses on the red hill. I preferred a 9X19mm in the head than some evil-looking tooth extraction device deep into my oral cavity but this time, I thought it’s better the other way round than roaming around with puffy, red eyes the whole day. So, I was on a quest over entire Long Island, searching online for an inexpensive solution and I dare say that what I got didn’t affect my monthly budget for buying ammo.

This site made some tall claims (or that’s what I believed) but it looked kinda sly; later, I noticed some of the brands they work with and that induced some confidence in me. I was under the impression that with the peanuts they are charging for tooth restoration services, they are not going to probe much deep and that’s what helped me gather courage and book an appointment.

Well, to cut the long story short, the veneers, the implant, the root canal and the whitening was over in a week flat and contrary to what I thought of being away from the range for at least a week proved to be wrong. I could even fire my old-gold Henry repeater making use of the cheek piece entirely and not even getting back the pang! I feel healthy and confident. I’m glad that I didn’t have to go for the zero down payment option; I would hate to keep the good people waiting for the wonderful job they did. Senora De La Vega, it’s your bad luck that you met Alejandro and his charming smile earlier.

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