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Clinical Research on Autism

Recently several researches had been conducted on autism spectrum disorder. The studies revealed some interesting facts like early detection of the syndrome, its causes, how it could be prevented, diagnosis and treatment. A study on brain images helped researchers to go deep and seek answers to several questions. Some of the findings are given below:

autism spectrum disorder

  • Researchers used animals to study why there is neurological disconnection between neurons in an autistic brain.
  • Brain images revealed that few parts of the autistic brain still continued stay awake and active when a child or adult is committing repetitive actions.
  • The investigators then studied and tested software program that would support autistic individuals to understand facial expressions.
  • The abnormalities in an autistic brain became prominent as they went deep into the matter.
  • Another software program was tested to find its efficacy in suppressing disrupting behaviors in autistic children.

Today autism is a major threat haunting parents of toddlers and unborn children.


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