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What is Transformative Media?

Transformative Media According to Ideal Media: Bringing together changemakers, storytellers and media professionals to innovate and collaborate for a peaceful and prosperous world! We define transformational media as media created from a space of clarity and insight with the intention to inspire positive change. This could be change on a personal or social le

Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Aries :: Root Chakra

ARIES (21 March – 19 April) Ruling planet: Mars Group: Cardinal Colour: Red (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom-lovin spontaneous, adventurous and able to take initiatives, inspires others, childlike enthusiasm Negative or weak aspects: hurrying to do things, egoism, demanding thi

Guide to First-time Horse Ownership

If you decide to buy a horse, you will need to carefully consider all the things you need to do in order to look after the horse properly. It is not an easy task and requires commitment, but can also be incredibly rewarding. Here are a few things that you need to think about before…

When the Going Gets Ruff

A little “ruff” for the rough times Life can get tough, and it can be handled in two different ways. Firstly, you can allow the things around you to influence how you feel. And secondly, you can choose how you’re going to feel own your own. If this is the case, why not choose to…

Things you should know before buying a wind inverter

When looking for a grid tied wind inverter, you need to know more than just the amount of power required. In particular, you need to consider the working voltage and current of your turbine, and have an idea of the amount of power that it can harvest at different speeds or voltages. You will also…

An Overview of Magento Go

Magento Go is the software-as-a service (SaaS) ecommerce platform from a leading open source ecommerce solution named Magento. Magento Go is a lucrative choice for most online merchants.

Eat Less Sugar to Prevent Skin Ageing

It is unhealthy to overload your body with too much of sugar as it makes you put on weight, might give you diabetes, mood swings and ruins your teeth. The latest discovery is that sugar gives you horrifying wrinkles! Can you believe it? Nothing ages our face faster than wrinkled, saggy skin with unevenly toned….