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Best 5 movies available on Amazon Prime

Best 5 movies available on Amazon Prime Amazon takes care of its customers and some special care for those who have opted for their Prime subscription. With Amazon Prime membership, customers can enjoy unlimited ad free movie watching experience for free and also extra benefits over the other amazon devices like Echo and Fire Stick….

Pacific Rim Uprising : A Movie Review

Pacific Rim Uprising – Movie Review Pacific Rim Uprising is a sequel of Pacific Rim that was released in 2013. This is one of those aliens versus humans movies that involves science, adventure and a little bit of violence. The movie has some likable and completely diverse characters who work together on a mission and…

Why do celebrities commit suicide?!

Why do celebrities commit suicide?! Money and fame does not guarantee happiness and peace…on the contrary – it may mean developing suicidal tendencies! On one hand we witness, almost on a daily basis, youngsters leaving home and running away to tinsel town in order to become actors or actresses/ models and on the other hand we…

What is Transformative Media?

Transformative Media According to Ideal Media: Bringing together changemakers, storytellers and media professionals to innovate and collaborate for a peaceful and prosperous world! We define transformational media as media created from a space of clarity and insight with the intention to inspire positive change. This could be change on a personal or social le