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Can Titanic II Avoid The Fate of Its 1912 Counterpart?

Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. Despite being an object of pride for all its engineers, sailors and crews, it could not live up to the expectations of the passengers aboard. The blueprint of the Titanic II is ready and hopefully it will be set for its maiden voyage in 2016. Will it make it’s creator proud this time? That is a question only time can answer properly.

Clive Palmer, the Australian billionaire claimed that this replica of the 1912 giant ship will be the safest cruise in the world for its passengers. Around 40,000 people have already expressed their interest in buying tickets for the first hand experience of being a part of the maiden voyage of this ship. The etinerary has Southampton, England and New York as its starting and finishing points.

Does the points sound familiar? They should, as conscious efforts have been put in to keep the route same as that of the 1912 voyage of Titanic. According to Palmer, Titanic II will link 3 continents by history’s one of the most famous cruises. Like Palmer, people willing to take the voyage also want their experience on the ship to be as authentic as possible. Palmer has plans to dress the passengers in the 20th century costumes and serve some of the meals that were a part of the original menu of the ship.

840 staterooms will be there on 9 decks as it was in the original cruise of Titanic. This new ship will be equipped with TVs and internet connections. Palmer has kept his fingers crossed as he does not want anymore similarity between the two cruises. Titanic hit an iceberg on 15th April, 1912 and sank after that. Around 1,500 passengers died in that mishap. Palmer keeps all the 21st century technologies aboard to back a safe voyage of Titanic II.

Palmer hopes that better knowledge about the climate change in the area can help them to ensure a safer journey this time. The replica is also going to be benefited of global warming as a result of which lesser amount of ice will be there in the North Atlantic region. The future passengers and people all around the world can only keep their fingers crossed for a safe voyage of the replica of the 1912 giant.


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