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Brief History of California Title 24 codes

The Building Energy Efficiency Standards were first adopted and put into effect in 1978 and have been updated periodically in the intervening years. The 2008 Standards development and adoption process continued that long-standing practice of maintaining the Standards with technical rigor, challenging but achievable design and construction practices.

Since 1989 title 24 Energy Consultants have worked with architects, engineers, contractors and many property owners with a professional approach to maintain the commercial title 24 energy codes and residential title 24 reports. The energy code compliance experts work closely with the clients to demonstrate that their project will comply with the California’s Title-24 standards.

Using sophisticated state-of-the-art computer energy analysis software clients are provided Title 24 codes and energy compliance options necessary to save thousands of dollars in construction costs, increase design flexibility, increase allowable glass area, and speed up the plan-check process.

Title 24 Energy Consultants are required to contact you with the results, prepare all necessary compliance reports, and send the completed reports to your office, signed and guaranteed through plan-check. Title 24 calculations for both commercial Title 24 energy codes and residential title 24 reports are prepared by a CEPE (Certified Energy Plans Examiner) who should qualified to assist you with energy code compliance requirements.

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