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An Overview of Magento Go

Magento Go is the software-as-a service (SaaS) ecommerce platform from a leading open source ecommerce solution   The advantages of a SaaS ecommerce platform are:

  •  The setting up of and maintaining web servers can be managed.
  • SaaS ecommerce platforms generally manage any Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.
  • SaaS ecommerce solutions are much faster to set up.

The four pricing plan of Magento Go range from $15 per month to $125 per month which depends on the support level asked by the merchants, storage desired, number of domains and bandwidth. Magento Go offers a free plan via its “$1 Million Stimulus,” which effectively makes the $15 plan free for a year. The registration is really very simple.

The Magento Go dashboard, user interface is absolutely user-friendly and navigation very spontaneous. The budding ecommerce merchants will find it easy to use and can enjoy hassle free interaction with the admin panel. The store managers are free to choose a store theme and tools exist for basic customization. So be ready to go with Magento Go!