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Aliens or Earthly Creatures- Just Victims of Rituals

Aliens do exist, or they don’t, or they do………the war of words might go on and on without reaching any concluding point. Truth is, scientists have not yet been able to establish the existence of such weired looking creatures. But, they haven’t even denounced its existence completely. One reason for that has come up recently. A 1,000 years old cone shaped skull that is being considered as an alien skull has been discovered from Mexico.

The skull dates back from around 945 A.D. To 1308 A.D. It got unearthed accidentally when an irrigation system was being dug out. 25 skulls were found in the Hispanic cemetery, 13 among which had such deformed structure of skulls. Cristina Morano, who was a part of the project of Arizona State University confirmed this. El Cementerio, the place where these remains were unearthed from was discovered in the year 1999. But, these deformed skulls could be found out only last month.

Other artifacts and jewelry like nose pin, pendants were also discovered from the location. The cranial deformation procedures have often been observed in different societies. In this method, the person’s head is placed between two wooden blocks. Then bands are used to hold the blocks in place and to create pressure on the skull. These skulls discovered in Mexico are expected to be a result of the same procedure done around 1,000 years back. This kind of ritual practices were mostly performed for indicating distinction of position and status within a particular group of people. But, the exact reason behind this deformation process applied on people in El Cementerio is still unknown.

Many bones, unearthed are expected to be of children. This leads to a conclusion that the ritual of deforming human skull must have proved quite dangerous and fatal at times. Such practices have also been recorded from Chocktaw, the Southeast of US and Chinook, the Northwest of US. According to Moreno, people in Mexico largely followed this ritual to distinguish important personalities. May be the practice was a part of the process of distinguishing people of different groups.


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