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Addicted to Coffee? 8 Reasons why You Should Not Be

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Are you one of those people who require a steaming cup of coffee every morning to wake up from slumber? If so, I know how much important that cup of coffee is in your life. The addiction is so much that you start feeling lost and distraught if you are somehow unable to commence the day without that distinct flavor and aroma of rich coffee beans. And the number of cups increases as the day progresses. I was in the same position once – that is why I know how it feels. But I had tried to grow out of this addiction (and succeeded); from the moment I had come to know that coffee does more damage than it does any good.

Either going crazy or cutting it completely off or taking it slow to reduce the intake, here are my top reasons to keep you focused in your battle to win over your addiction of coffee.

#1. No Nutritional Value: Coffee has got zero enzymes, minerals or vitamins. Even if it has antioxidants, chances are high that they are subdued by the dangers caffeine has.

#2. Speeds up Aging: It has been seen that coffee speeds up the natural process of growing old, as it dehydrates the skin, decreases the potential of the liver, and inhibits DNA repair.

#3. Swings in Blood Sugar: People with diabetes should avoid coffee. It stimulates a rush in blood sugar level and it is quickly followed by a sudden increase in the production of insulin. This roller coaster within such short span results in weight gain.

#4. Increase in Stress: Coffee excites the stress hormones, which in turn increases insomnia, indigestion, irritability, anxiety, and weakens the immunity system of a body.

#5. Increase in Cardiovascular Problems: Coffee does not have a healthy effect on the heart, and increases heart rate and blood pressure. This increases the risk of catching heart diseases.

#6. Increase in Gastrointestinal Problems: Coffee increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which eventually leads to ulcers. This is the reason why some people have a burning sensation after consumption.

#7. Male Health Problems: It has been found out that intake of coffee increase the risk of prostrate and urinary problems in males.

#8. Female Health Problems: Danger for females is higher. Consumption of coffee can lead to PMS, osteoporosis, breast disease, low birth weight, miscarriage, menopausal and infertility problems.


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