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A healthy skin for you


Intense skin care is somewhat absurd these days; because of hectic work schedules we hardly get to spend time for ourselves. I have some great tips that are affordable and take really less time. Sounds great isn’t it? Now is the time you pamper your skin with all kinds of goodness. Do you know that a good lifestyle and healthy eating habits can bring upon a change in your skin? With such healthy habits you are sure to add some extra glow to your precious lovable skin and avoid all kinds of skin problems. These easy tips are meant for busy men and women who can hardly squeeze time out of a demanding lifestyle.

First don’t expose yourself to the sun. On revealing your skin your skin gets susceptible to age spots, wrinkles, dry and rough skin, freckles and more. These skin issues can get cancerous. Are you scared? Don’t be!!


Here are some easy skin care ways:

  • Avoid  being under the sun from 10am-4pm. That’s when the strongest ultra violet rays penetrate your skin. You can wear dresses with long sleeves and tightly woven attires. A hat is just fine when you are out in the sun.
  • Apply a thick layer of sunscreen products on your skin. Make sure you apply it 30 minutes before you get out. Also after apply it after you have sweated a lot.

Another word I couldn’t resist to reveal is the fact that you must avoid smoking. Smoking is a bad habit that adds to health problems along with skin issues like wrinkles, acne, dark spots and more. Most smoking actually reduces the oxygen content in the skin layers. Also the essential nutrients are drained off. For absolute skin care you need eat, sleep and think healthy.


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