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4 Easy Steps for Increasing Traffic to Your Blogging Site

One of the most commonly heard complains from the bloggers is that despite their arduous efforts, they fail to get the amount of traffic they crave for their blogs to get. The earliest days are also the toughest, because no matter how hard and sincere your efforts are, you might not be awarded with the desired result. If you are facing similar problem, then here are some simple rules that will definitely help you to increase the traffic for your blog and ensure a steady flow of traffic to your blogging site. You can also utilize this strategy if your flow of traffic has recently reached to a point of stagnation. Discussed below are the 4 easy steps that will help you to overcome the low-traffic problem to your blogging site:

First step: Killer content

Spend a quality time of the day conducting researches for materials that will enable you to produce compelling and engaging contents. Set a goal for yourself to produce a killer content at least one per week. If this goal is too difficult for you to achieve, make it one such article in every 15 days. If you devote one hour every day to do research for this article, then one article of excellent quality will take at least 5-10 hours of labor.

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If you are not familiar with the concept of killer content, then let me tell you that it tends to be a lengthy and well-structured article that intends to deliver a huge amount of valuable informations to the visitors. For instance, if you have a web designing blog, then you can write an article about “100 Free Resources for The Novice Designers to Utilize”. Here are some ideas for how to go about it:

  • Create a lengthy and comprehensive list of resources.

  • Try to write an elaborate tutorial with the intention of teaching people how to execute something.

  • Figure out a solution to a problem that is most commonly encountered in your niche and blog about it.

  • You can also delve deeper into a topic to provide a detailed analysis about which people have talked only superficially.

Second step: Networking

If you want to increase the visibility of your content, then you just cannot ignore the role of networking to achieve it. In case of networking, you can :

  • Start commenting on the other blogs who serve the same niche as yours,

  • Build links to the posts of the bloggers who belong to your niche,

  • Initiate extensive interactions with the bloggers of your niche through exchanging emails.

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Keep in mind that your motto is to form genuine and healthy relationships, so do not just develop bonds with people because you want their help to promote your blog, rather make them feel that you have approached them because you have genuine respect for their work and you feel that you can develop together.

Third Step: Promotion

This step constitutes the most vital part when the issue is concerned with making your content popular. For the promotion of your content, you ought to promote it through all the channels and in every way possible. You can :

  • Let the people of your network know about the existence of your content.

  • Let webmasters and bloggers of your niche know about the content.

  • Ask your friends to submit the content to various social bookmarking sites.

  • Seek assistance of your friends to promote it through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Post about your article on online forums or newsgroups.

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You can also employ other promoting techniques like social media marketing, and search engine optimization, along with other activities like keyword research, guest blogging etc.

Fourth Step: Normal Posts

In order to make your blogging site popular, you need to think beyond the killer contents and have to keep uploading normal posts in between publishing the killer contents. Here comes some suggestions for normal posts:

  • A post that links with another article on some other blog which voices your opinions about it

  • A post that lets your readers know about some remarkable happenings in your niche.

  • A post that poses meaningful questions to your readers and intends to initiate a relevant dialogue.

  • A post that talks about a new resource which is discovered by you which can be beneficial for your readers.

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Though killer contents will form the nucleus of your blogging site by bringing new readers to your site, normal posts will add diversity to your range of content and keep the readers hooked to your blogging site.


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